Sudbury Water District

Horse Pond Road Water Main Replacement Project


Planned Water Outage: Wednesday, November 27th 12:30 PM- 2:30 PM, Pratt’s Mill Road (No’s 7 thru 25)

On Wednesday, November 27th during the hours of 12:30 PM-2:30 PM (approx.) water service on Pratt’s Mill Road (No’s 7-25) will be temporarily suspended. This interruption will allow for connection to the newly installed water main on Horse Pond Road.  Outage duration is a best-estimate based on water infrastructure events it is not an exact time. Impacted residents should make arrangements to be without water during this period.

The construction zone area (the intersections of Horse Pond Road, Peakham Road and Pratts Mill Road) will be closed to all thru traffic, with the exception of local resident-traffic, school buses and emergency vehicles. Exception vehicles should plan for some degree of delay to allow construction equipment to be safely moved outside of the travel lane.

Police details will be on-site to facilitate vehicle detours and pedestrian traffic.

Kindly Note: local traffic passes are intended for use by those directly impacted by the construction zone area. If your home is outside of the construction zone area even if you have been provided with a green-traffic pass, during this phase of the project, you must follow the detour signs. You will not be permitted through the area of construction.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work hard to restore water service to this area as quickly as possible.

What to expect once water is restored? Those in close proximity to this area of town may experience fluctuating pressure (air in pipes) or discolored water (mineral sediment lifting from the bottom of the pipes and traveling with the water-flow inside the main.) Once water is restored running a cold tap briefly will assist in clearing your service line of air and minerals.

Is the water safe to drink? Slight discoloration may sometimes linger for a few hours, it is not harmful to your health and only temporarily affects the appearance of the water, it does not influence water quality. Water conditions typically improve overnight.

Access to driveways and entranceways will be maintained. In the that event it becomes necessary to block a driveway/entranceway for a short period of time (usually less than 4 hours) our contractor will attempt to contact the home/business owner to coordinate and minimize inconveniences.

Construction schedules are weather permitting and subject to change.

Your safety is our priority and we thank you for your patience.

Questions or concerns regarding this matter may be address by contacting our business office at (978) 443-6602.