High Water Bill?

Many reasons may account for a spike in water usage however the most prevalent cause is a leak. Routinely checking household plumbing for leaks is paramount to keeping your water bill at its absolute lowest.

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MORE OF A VISUAL LEARNER? Our friends at the Region of Peel Department of Public Works have kindly allowed us to share their instructional online videos. When viewing these clips remember they were created for and are the property of the Regional of Peel and though the information provided is straight-forward they are for demonstrative purposes only, not every leak event is identical. Questions or concerns regarding your water account should be directed to our business office 978-443-6602.

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How to Read Your Water Meter →

Finding a Leak →

Finding a Leak In Your Underground Irrigation System →

How to Properly Winterize Your Pipes and Water Meter →


Finding and Stopping Leaks →