Verify that no obstruction or storage of other materials will prevent access (including routine maintenance) to the meter or associated valves. In the event an obstruction, storage, permanent structure or enclosure is encountered it is solely the homeowner’s responsibility, expense and undertaking to disassemble or modify the aforementioned in accordance with the general regulations of the Sudbury Water District. A final water meter reading will not be released until these conditions have been met to the full satisfaction of Sudbury Water District.

After 1 p.m. the same day as your final reading or any day following that day during regular business hours.

Contact our business office at (978) 443-6602 after 1 p.m. the day of your reading or any day following that day to inquire about the total amount due.

A $50.00 reading and processing fee is included on the itemized statement.

Payments are made in person at our temporary administration office located at 345 Boston Post Road, Suite A.

Credit/Debit cards, checks drawn on personal, business, IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts) or Client Funds accounts are not accepted.


In the event you have already moved and all personal belongings have been removed from the home or business the owner or real estate agent may submit a lock-box-code for inside access.

Yes, a final meter reading is required for every real estate transaction including relocation. Follow the same steps as you would for a standard sale.

No, the account always remains with the home or business. Contact our business office (978) 443-6602 to verify that a Final Meter Reading/Inspection was completed and that the Final payment has been received in full (unpaid balances are assumed by the purchaser.)

Once the real estate transaction has settled (closed) there is little recourse. Contact your real estate agent or attorney immediately as funds may have been escrowed at closing for utility bills.

Contact our business office (978) 443-6602 to verify that all liens and unpaid balances have been settled. In most cases the winning bidder will need to satisfy or assume all outstanding debt. Banks don’t necessarily contact utilities to make arrangements for final meter reading/inspection, generally the purchaser provides this information after the settlement.