At a legal meeting of the qualified voters of the Town of Sudbury, held April 8, 1998 the following business was transacted under Article 22 (Amend By-Laws, Article V – Water Pollution Emergencies).

Voted in the Words of the Article

To amend the Town of Sudbury by-laws, by adding to Article V, Public Safety, a new Section 31, entitled “Water Pollution Emergencies”, as follows:

Section 31. Water Pollution Emergencies
  1. No person shall pollute, corrupt, injure or obstruct the water source or water supply serving the Town through the water distribution system of the Sudbury Water District.
  2. Provided that the Board of Water Commissioners of the Sudbury Water District has declared a water emergency, the Board of Selectmen shall then be authorized to declare water emergencies from time to time as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 21G, sections 15, 16 and 17 or through a determination pursuant to Chapter 100 of the Acts of the General Court of Massachusetts or 1934 that a threat of pollution, corruption, injury or obstruction to the water supply exists. The purpose of such a declaration is to conserve and minimize use of water. Following declaration or determination and during such emergency, all outside external use of water from the public water system as supplied by the Sudbury Water District shall be prohibited. Watering lawns, gardens and shrubbery and other landscape watering shall be prohibited. Washing of vehicles shall be prohibited.

    Violators of this by-law shall be subject to the following fines:

    1. Fifty dollars ($50.00) for first offense;
    2. One hundred dollars ($100.00) for second offense;
    3. One hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) for each additional offense.
  3. This section only pertains to residences, commercial property and industry served by the distribution system to the Town through the Sudbury Water District.