A water taker may challenge billed usage upon discovery of a leak. The water taker shall complete and submit an Application for Leak Abatement  together with all supporting (i.e., present a receipt of repair) by a Massachusetts licensed plumber or certified lawn irrigation surveyor. Self-repair (DIY) is subject to the discretion of the Executive Director.

The Executive Director will consider all reasonable abatement request under the following terms and conditions:

  • Questionable usage is approximately 100 percent higher than that of the average usage for the same-quarterly period. Average usage will be established by the same-three quarter’s.
  • The applicant has presented supporting documentation including but not limited to the cause and location of the leak together with proof of repair. Household plumbing repairs require a Massachusetts licensed plumber, underground lawn-irrigation repairs require a certified lawn irrigation surveyor unless self-repair (DIY) is approved by the Executive Director.
  • Upon receiving abatement approval as determined by the Board of Water Commissioners water usage will be recalculated:
  • Average usage (average of previous same three quarters) calculated at  current tiered rate structure.
  • Gallons above average usage (due to a verified leak) calculated at the first tier.

Denial is without prejudice to reconsideration. An applicant who disagrees with the determination of the Executive Director may resubmit a letter of request for an appeal upon establishing that he or she has satisfied all criteria stipulated by the terms and conditions of this policy. Direct your request to:

Sudbury Water District
Vincent J. Roy, Executive Director
P.O. Box 111
Sudbury, MA 01776

or Email: customerservice@sudburywater.com

  • Rate adjustment is allowable one-time only
  • Abatement is limited to one-billing quarter only 

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