Through the efforts of Superintendent, Rebecca McEnroe, P.E., Sudbury Water District has received a $12,500 grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources through the Municipal Energy Technical Assistance (META) grant program. Thirty-seven Massachusetts communities received META Grants totaling $455,000. You can view the list by visiting

META grants provide municipalities, regional school districts and water or wastewater districts with the financial resources to fund the services of expert consultants and contractors to aid in the negotiation and management of projects, or the performance of studies to support the development of energy projects. The grants are funded through proceeds from Alternative Compliance Payments (ACP) under the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

The Sudbury Water District will use this grant to assess the energy efficiency of its pumping equipment. The results of this study will be used to plan future improvements to reduce energy usage. Sudbury Water District together with its Board of Water Commissioners is committed to pursued energy efficiencies and cost savings by developing clean energy projects.

Questions or concerns regarding the META grant may be addressed by contacting Superintendent Rebecca McEnroe, P.E. directly at (978) 443-6602.