Be advised: Water gate valve maintenance is scheduled on Friday, December 2nd during the hours of 9 am – 3 pm on Boston Post Road just east of Union Avenue. Water outage is not anticipated, however occasional unforeseen circumstances sometimes develop during excavation and though not planned may briefly cause interruption of service to the immediate area. Should an outage occur be assured our staff will work hard to restore water to this area as quickly as possible.

If an outage happens what should you expect once water is restored? Those in close proximity to this area of town may experience fluctuating pressure (air in pipes) or discolored water (mineral sediment lifting from the bottom of the pipes and traveling with the water-flow inside the main.) Once water is restored running a cold tap briefly will assist in clearing your service line of air and minerals.

When an outage occurs, once restored is the water safe to drink? Slight discoloration may sometimes linger for a few hours, it is not harmful to your health and only temporarily affects the appearance of the water, it does not influence water quality. Water conditions typically improve overnight.

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