Town-wide water main flushing to calibrate the District’s hydraulic model  has been completed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

While flushing water mains homes and businesses in close proximity to the area being “flushed” may notice a temporary drop in pressure or experience discolored water which is normal during water main flushing and should subside overnight. When flushing mains; even if we are not directly flushing your street, connecting streets may experience some, all, or none of the same affects as that of the actual street being flushed.

Water Conditions at homes and businesses within close proximity to the area being flushed will likely be influenced; avoid drawing in sediment into your own system by limiting intake during flushing hours.

Hydrants Completed 12/10:
212 Marlboro Road (Completed @ 11:30 am)
254 Mossman Road (Completed @ 10:30 am)
Powder Mill at Cranberry Circle (Completed @ 9:30 am)

Hydrants Completed 12/09:
48 North Road (Completed @ 2:30 pm)
798 Hudson Road (Completed @ 2:00 pm)
50 Maynard Road (Completed @ 1:30 pm)
71 Rice Road (Completed @ 12 pm)
201 Goodmans Hill Road (Completed @ 11:30)
162 Landham Road (Completed @ 11:00 am)
2 Stockfarm Road 10:30 (Completed  10:30 am )
40 Raymond Road 10 (Completed @ 10 am)
92 Jack Pine Drive (Completed @ 11 am)