4th quarter (Feb-May) water bills have been issued. Payments may be made traditionally, online www.sudburywater.com or electronically with your bill pay service; when issuing payment electronically kindly reference your account number and designate Sudbury Water District as the payee. To avoid late fees please submit payment in full on or before July 7th. 

In addition to receiving a traditional paper invoice, we would like to remind you that a paperless e-bill option is available. If you haven’t already done so we encourage you to GO GREEN by registering to receive your next quarterly invoice electronically.

[button url=”https://unipaygold.unibank.com/Default.aspx?customerid=792″ size=”large” color=”green” target=”_blank” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””] Pay Online/E-Bill → [/button]

During these warmer months we would also like to remind you to always use your best conservation efforts when using water outdoors, water lawns only when necessary, and if possible before 9 AM or after 5 PM to avoid evaporation. Set your mower blades to 2-3 inches high; longer grass shades the soil, improving moisture retention, allowing grasses to grow thicker and develop a deeper root system. Applying mulch around shrubs and flower beds will also help reduce evaporation and promote plant growth. And finally, familiarize yourself with our seasonal mandatory restrictions by checking our website often and as restrictions change e-mail subscribers will automatically receive an electronic mail alert – have a safe and wonderful summer season.