A Hydrant Flow Test is scheduled at 77 Hudson Road on Friday, June 20th at (approx) 10 a.m.

How will this effect you? Water conditions throughout Sudbury (specifically homes and businesses in close proximity to this area) may notice a temporary drop in pressure or experience discolored water which is normal during flow testing and should subside overnight. Even though flow testing may not be directly on your street, connecting streets COULD experience some, all, or none of the same affects as that of the actual test location. Avoid drawing in mineral sediment by limiting water intake (on the scheduled test day) between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What is a hydrant flow test used for? A Hydrant flow test also known as fire-flow test is an important tool used to determine pressure and flow-producing capabilities at a specific location within a water distribution system. This data establishes the measurement water pressure available for fire fighting and may also reveal pipeline problems, such as flow-reducing tuberculation, water-wasting leaks, and closed valves.