It has been brought our attention that some of our customers are receiving a solicitation by way of direct mail for an “optional service plan” for water pipe service repair via Homeserve USA.

Homeserve USA and other similar agencies are not endorsed or associated in anyway with Sudbury Water District. While this solicitation does not refer to their product as “insurance,” it appears to function in the same manner, and as with any such product, it is a personal decision whether or not to purchase protection to cover particular risks.

We caution you to use your best judgment; prior to engaging in any contractual service thoroughly research the need to do so. Should you have questions or concerns regarding coverage you should contact your private home owners insurance carrier.

To eliminate confusion we would like to take this opportunity to clarify responsibilities of service line maintenance:

  •  Water Main to Curb Box (connection at street): Sudbury Water District
  • Curb Box to Dwelling: Property Owner