SMILE Mass, a Sudbury based non-profit, would like to invite all residents to participate in their Adopt a Hydrant program. As a thank you to everyone who participates, SMILE Mass will host a pizza party at a date/location to be determined. (click to view the flyer)

To participate is simple:

  • Find a hydrant and take a picture
  • Shovel out the hydrant and take an after picture
  • Commit to shovel out that hydrant for the rest of the winter
  • Email pictures along with name, hydrant location and school attended to

This program was originally intended to have the kids in town shovel out the hydrants (with adult supervision) to show them that they can make a difference in this important community service.  However, all ages are invited to participate and attend the pizza party. SMILE Mass encourages you make this a group effort within your neighborhood!

If you are elderly and need help digging out your hydrant, or if you simply have a hydrant that is buried under so much snow that you can’t get to it, please email us with the location of the hydrant and we will do our best to try and send help to that location.

As of Wednesday, February 19, we have 104 residents participating to dig out 69 hydrants.  Let’s see if we can double that number by the end of the week!

So, on this relatively “warm” day, talk with your neighbors, find your nearest hydrant and dig it out.  Then attend the pizza party which will be hosted in the next couple of weeks.  Help us make digging out a hydrant fun!

SMILE Mass is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping families living with children and adults with disabilities enjoy happy, healthy memories through recreation and vacation experiences.


To learn more about SMILE Mass and all of their programs, visit