Spring has finally arrived and with it comes warmer temperatures and an increased demand for water. To ensure a sufficient supply of drinking water is available, as it becomes necessary, pumping stations that have been dormant over the winter period will be brought on-line for the season. The increase in flows and larger volumes of water traveling through our pipes may cause mineral sediment to lift from the bottom of the mains and flow with the water resulting in temporary discolored or brown water coming out of the tap.

Gravel Packed Pump Station No. 8 (East Street) is scheduled to be brought online today, Tuesday, April 28th in the late morning. In an effort to lessen the impact and reduce the amount of mineral sediment flushing at the treatment plant will occur prior to distribution. Although these efforts will reduce sediment amount, it is unlikely all traces will be removed. Homes and businesses in close proximity to Pratts Mill Road may experience discolored water for a short period of time. Running a cold faucet will help clear your service line of minerals. Always avoid washing laundry when water is noticeably discolored.