Routine Daytime Flushing (approx. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.) is underway.

Route change effective Tuesday, May 31st until further notice – water main flushing will include: Longfellow Road to North Road heading east, followed by Snowberry Lane, Powers Road, Barnet Road, Deer Pond, Maynard Farm Road, Maynard Farm Circle, Powder Mill Road, Virginia Ridge, Tavern Circle, Rose Way and Cranberry Circle. As flushing advances updates and route changes will be posted directly to our flushing page – major route changes will be electronically mailed to our subscribers.

Homes and businesses in close proximity to this area may also notice a temporary drop in pressure or experience discolored water which is normal during water main flushing and should subside overnight. When flushing mains; even if we are not directly flushing your street, connecting streets COULD experience some, all, or none of the same affects as that of the actual street being flushed. Water Conditions at homes and businesses within close proximity to the above listed area will likely be influenced; avoid drawing in sediment into your own plumbing system by limiting intake during flushing hours.