What does this mean to you? As time allows you may notice Sudbury Water District personnel in your neighborhood working near to or at your property line. This effort is part of our commitment to improve water infrastructure by surveying each curb box and verifying curb-tie data and conditions meet today’s industry standards.

What is a Curb Box? A curb box is the “above ground” access point to an underground valve on your water service. The function of this device is to control the water flow from the water main to the dwelling in the event of a leak or to perform routine maintenance.

Why is a survey needed? Over time soil erosion, frost heaves and even lawn maintenance may cause your curb box to sink and become buried underground or rise a few inches above ground level leading to potential issues such as becoming damaged by a lawn mower or snow plow. Making sure that curb-ties are current and that the cap and box are in good condition enables us to quickly and effectively access your underground service valve should it become necessary to shut the water off to your home or business in the event of an emergency or for routine maintenance.

What to expect? District operators will be inspecting each curb box, replacing broken caps, recording new or verifying existing ties and in the event it has dropped below finished grade, remove top soil or mulch (depending on its location) and raise the box and cover to just below ground level. Typically the box is easily located using a metal detector and can be exposed without much disturbance, occasionally it may take more effort however no major work will be done without your knowledge with the exception of emergency situations.

Identification: Be assured District personnel will carry on their person at all times an employee identification badge, drive vehicles marked only with the official Sudbury Water District logo and wear Sudbury Water District identifying apparel.

In summary this ongoing project will include:

► Replacing damaged caps when necessary

► Verifying that curb-ties meet industry standards and make adjustments to curb-tie data as needed

► Raise or lower curb boxes to just below grade as needed