On Monday, October 17th water gate maintenance continues (until further notice.) Starting on Raymond Road gate-maintenance will head though the southeast quadrant of town advancing towards Landham Road.

What should water users expect during gate maintenance? District operations staff will be cleaning, repairing and replacing gate valves located on the shoulder of streets and intersecting cross roads. Minimal to no traffic delays are expected.

Will water quality be influenced? Water conditions to homes and businesses in close proximity to this area may notice a slight drop in pressure or may “briefly” experience discolored water caused by exercising (opening and closing) gate valves.

What causes the water to become discolored? Change in flows in the underground distribution pipes sometimes result in mineral sediment lifting from the bottom of the pipes and traveling with the water-flow inside the main. Running a cold tap briefly will assist in clearing your service line of mineral sediments.

Is the water safe to drink?  Mineral sediments may sometimes linger for a few hours, it is not harmful to your health and only temporarily affects the appearance of the water, it does not influence water quality. Water conditions typically improve overnight.

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