August 16, 2017 → Nonessential outdoor water use is allowable only BEFORE 9 am or AFTER 5 pm (seven-days per week) and will remain in effect thru September 30, 2017.


What is considered non-essential?
Using water outdoors for any purpose other than watering a vegetable garden (exempt), car-wash fundraising should be scheduled before May 1 or after Sept 30 to avoid possibility of cancellation during period of mandatory restriction. 

Why was Sudbury placed in Mandatory Outdoor Water Restriction?
Water use for the Sudbury Water District is regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. As a public water supplier we are issued a Water Management Act Permit which allows us to withdraw a certain amount of water from the Sudbury/Assabett/Concord River Basin. Restrictions are placed on water use when streamflow in the Concord River (in Lowell) falls below a specified level; as part of this standard, whenever a drought advisory or higher is declared by the Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force, Sudbury must implement a Mandatory Nonessential Outdoor Water Use Restriction.

What triggers Sudbury’s outdoor restrictions as designated by MassDEP?
From May 1st through September 30th whenever the Streamflow at the Concord River (below River Meadow Brook, at Lowell) falls below assigned criteria for (3) consecutive days Mandatory Water Restriction for Nonessential Outdoor Water Use will be placed in effect. The “trigger” flow from May 1st through June 30th is below 427 cubic feet per second for (3) consecutive days; from July 1st through September 30th the “trigger” flow is below 156 cubic feet per second for (3) consecutive days.

How is the trigger level determined?
Levels of restriction are based on the residential per capita per day water use. The MassDEP wants all water systems to be at or below 65 gallons per person per day of use. When the previous year’s water use is above 65 gallons per person per day we are required to enforce more stringent restrictions. In 2016 our use was at 65 gallons per person per day therefore 2017 restriction is limited to non-essential water use BEFORE 9 am or AFTER 5 pm SEVEN DAYS per WEEK.  

Once implemented, how long will Mandatory Restriction be in effect?
Restriction for Non-essential Outdoor Water Use will remain in effect through September 30, 2017. 

What is the best way to stay informed of restriction status?
Subscribe to our email database and electronic notifications will automatically be sent or check back to our website often.

The following uses may be allowed even when mandatory restrictions are in place – always check with your public water supplier first:

Watering to establish a newly seeded lawn or newly planted ornamentals by means of surface or underground irrigation systems
May and September (only) watering is allowed any time of day
June, July and August watering is restricted to BEFORE 9am or AFTER 5 pm
Vegetable gardens
Irrigation of public parks and recreational fields (outside of the hours of 9 am to 5 pm)
Watering lawns, gardens, flowers and other ornamentals by means of a “hand-held” hose

»Private wells are exempt however all users are encouraged to follow restriction guidelines.