Following an emergency water pipe repair water service has been restored to the Cumming’s Commercial Complex, 142 North Road and Frost Farm Village, 150 North Road. Local hydrant flushing is underway in an effort to clear mineral sediment and restore water pressure.

Once water has been restored those in close proximity may experience discolored water (mineral sediment) or fluctuating water pressure (air in pipes).  To flush your household plumbing lines, open a cold water faucet while keeping all other taps closed. Listen for hissing and spitting, a sign that air remains in the line. Run the cold-water until it is clear of mineral particles and no additional air bubbles are released.

Is the water safe to drink? Slight discoloration may sometimes linger for a few hours, it is not harmful to your health and only temporarily affects the appearance of the water, it does not influence water quality. Water conditions typically improve overnight.