Sudbury Water District recommends that you schedule your final meter reading no-more than 5-days prior to the settlement (closing) date or in the event of relocation five-days prior to the move date, however it is the sole discretion of the applicant to select a date that reasonably accommodates the interest of both the selling and purchasing parties. You may wish to consult with your closing attorney prior to choosing your final read date.

Additionally the applicant hereby acknowledges proration for water used after finalization is optional and at the discretion of the consumer. In the case of proration; reimbursement may be settled privately between purchasing and selling parties at closing. No claim, counterclaim or cause of action may be brought against Sudbury Water District for water used or damages caused after finalization.

Final meter readings are scheduled ONLY between the hours of 8 am-9 am, M-F (excluding holidays.) The seller or their real-estate representative must on the premises during this ONE-HOUR-WINDOW to allow access to the inside meter.

In preparation of your final meter reading verify that no obstruction or storage of other materials will prevent access (including routine maintenance) to the meter or associated valves. In the event an obstruction, storage, permanent structure or enclosure is encountered it is solely the homeowner’s responsibility, expense and undertaking to disassemble or modify the aforementioned in accordance with the general regulations of the Sudbury Water District. A final water meter reading will not be released until these conditions have been met to the full satisfaction of Sudbury Water District.


Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Requested Date of Your Final Meter Reading
  • Service Address Including Street Address, Apt/Unit #, if applicable
  • Seller First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name
  • Purchaser First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name (Purchaser information may be found on the Purchase & Sales Agreement.)
  • Name and Role of Person (Self, Real Estate Agent, Attorney, Other) Requesting Final Meter Reading?
  • Phone Number of Person Requesting Final Meter Reading
  • Email Address of Person Requesting Final Meter Reading

Once your email has been received and reviewed, a staff member will respond to your request within 48 hours.